How To Change Your Personalized Name

In addition to the standard "no answer" and "busy" greeting, your phone can be programmed to announce your personalized name when someone dials your extension or when a call is transferred to you. This can be useful, either personally, or if your phone represents an office or department within an organization.

When set up, callers will hear your name followed by the ringing of your phone so they know they're calling or being transferred to the right person or department.

Changing Your Name

  1. Dial your own extension (or hit the the Message/Envelope button on your phone if you have one) to dial into your voicemail.
  2. Enter your numerical passcode.
  3. Press 3 to go to the Greetings Menu.
  4. Press 1 to enter the Record Your Name portal. 
  5. Press 1 to record/re-record your name or 2 to listen to the current recorded name. 
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