Box for Office

You can extend the functionality of Microsoft Office by enabling it to connect directly to your Box account.

To find and install this app:

  1. Login to your Box account and click on the drop-down arrow by your name and then click on Apps.

  2. Click in the search bar and enter "Box for Office" and then hit Enter or click on the magnifying glass to on the right-side of the Search bar.  

  3. Among the apps that appear in your search results click on Box for Office.

  4. In the "Box for Office" installation page, click on Add to install it for your user account.

This will install Box for Office for your specific user account within your company's Box account on the current computer you're on.

If you don't see "Add" on this page and instead see "Installed" it means the machine you're on already has this app installed.

You can learn more about Box for Office here.


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