Setting up a Plantronics APP-51 EHS & Plantronics cs540 Headset on a VVX400 series Polycom

- Plug the side of the new cable that has what looks like a phone clip w/ also a five pronged connector into the back of the phone.

- Plug the other end (phone clip and 1 prong pin) into the headset base (you will also have to unplug the current cord that is running from the base to the phone)

- Hit the home button on the phone

- Select Settings

- Select Basic

- Select Preferences

- Select Headset

- Select Hookswitch Mode

- Select Plantronics EHS

- Selecting that EHS option should make the phone reboot automatically.  Once it finishes rebooting, you should be able to hit the silver button on the side of their headset to pick up and end calls.

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